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Ave Maria

Skipper : M. Keith André.

Taille du bateau :  18 m.

Nbre de pêcheurs : 6.

Marée : Max 10 days.

The Ave Maria is a brand new fiber glass long-liner which made its maiden fishing trip on 23rd March 2013. It is the "newest" in the program. Being himself a fisherman, skipper and man of the sea, its owner considers it is an achievement to see the boat out to sea (the boat was built in 2012), as he was personally heavily involved in its design. The skipper is the boat owner Keith. He enjoys his profession more every day eve if initially he was not suposed to become a fisherman because his family was not related to fishing. He chose to go out to sea for fishing because it was his passion an he just wanted to and his enthusiasm has increased over time and now he accomplishes his work with definite passion.
He is curious to know all the species he catches, and is adamant about respecting the fish "life cycle" by targeting only large individuals already reproduced. His crew is relatively young. They all enjoy the life on Ave Maria because the boat is quite comfortable and work "atmosphere" is excellent.

At the Moment, the boat live the tuna for several trip and target the Etelys, and AMAZING fish.... Enjoy the picture....

Etelis, Etelis....

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