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The Team

The Seychelles Hook-and-Line committee is a committee of FBOA in charge of the management of the program. It is composed of members of FBOA (Boat owners/fishermen), two representatives of the processors partner in the program, and one of the fishermen involved in the program (According to their activity at sea, a fisherman present when there is a meeting is the representative for the fishermen). In this committee we can also count with the Developpment Officer of SFA who help us and advice us in managing the programme. SFA is supporting us since the begining of the programme and we hare very pleased of this positive cooperation with the authority. The president of FBOA have a consultancy role, he can participate at any committee and help the team in taking decision and Managing the programme.


Beatty Hoarau - Boat Owner

Beatty is one of the founding members of FBOA and Label Program. He is a former banker. He is involved in the sector since a young age as he comes from a family of fishermen. He helps to manage the fishing family business and owns a small schooner. "Fishing is our business and our livelihood. It is important that it allows us to live longer, and that future generations get to enjoy it. It would be foolish to cut the branch on which we sit. Fishing is sustainable if it is managed on a long-term basis. Our vision is to see the sustainable development of our fisheries through responsible management of our resources".

Jean Claude Hoareau - Quality Controller at Oceana Fisheries

Jean Claude is a Quality Controller Specialist. Graduated in Australia he has been involved in the fishery industry since the beginning of his carrier. Of course the quality aspects are really important to him but he also cares for the future of the sector, and notes that it is closely linked to the management of the resources and the promotion of the fishermen job.

Heribert Azemia - General Manager at Sea Harvest

Graduated in 1992 as an Environmental health Officer, Heribert is a specialist in hygiene and quality of fish products. He joined the company Sea Harvest in 1999. Heribert grew surrounded by the sea and is impassionned by it and its resources. He firmly believes in sustainable and responsible fishing as it is one area that will keep on feeding the world throughout.

Aubrey Lesperance - Development Officer at the Seychelles Fishing Authority

Graduated in Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aquaculture, Aubrey has been involved with the project since its inception in 2008. The promotion of sustainable small-scale fisheries is of paramount importance to him as it is for the SFA. Hence, his continued efforts to support the project in attaining its objectives.

And Fishermen...


Virginie Lagarde - Consultant in Artesanal Fisheries - Project Manager

Ingenior in Agro-development and Master in resources management, Virginie has worked in the small scale fishing sector since she graduated. Her interest in this scheme grew as she worked on resource management, scientist observation and project manager. She truly believes that the future of the resources is strongly linked to the fishermen and their involvement in the management. For her, the small scale exploitation, zhen well managed, is the future since resources, men and activities are interdependent.

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