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Fish in Creole cuisine and tips from Micheline

Micheline Georges is the lucky owner of Jardin Du Roy, a magnificent plantation spread out across a hillside. It boasts an impressive collection of spices and fruits known to the Seychelles Island. With the help of her husband, Micheline gave life back to the exquisite ex-domain, held by the family for five generations. This garden of fifty hectares surrounds an old colonial plantation house and sits at the foot of Mount Gratte Fesses. Micheline’s cuisine is renowned around the island where fish is prepared with uniqueness, making use of spices and fruits from the surrounding exotic gardens.

Emperor red snapper or bourgeois

This exotic colorful fish with soft but firm white flesh can be prepared in numerous ways. Grilled in soups or broth accompanied with rice and vegetables. It is also delicious fried or stewed with tomatoes onions and small vegetables such as green beans. As the flesh is very delicate and mashes easily avoid grilling on high heat, especially in ovens. The flesh is vulnerable to overcooking, so watch out!

Snappers or groupers/fishes with delicate flesh

In Seychelles, these types of fish are served fried with chips, oven-cooked with a coat of cheese, stewed or fried in batter.

Amberjack or carangue

This fish can be very fat. It is well served curried with curry powder and tamarind or otherwise deep fried fish balls. Also it is well served as minced fish and cooked into a small cake in the oven. To prepare the cake, the fish has to be minced and spiced up with additional grated ginger, garlic, thyme and Persil. An amberjack coconut curry is a typical Creole meal and exceptionally delicious. ‘Etouffe carangue” is an extremely spiced up meal with lots of chilies and very appetizing. The head part of the fish is sometimes cooked with breadfruit and coconut recipe known as «la daube».

Job fish

The flesh is firmer and dryer than the snapper. This is ideal for curries. It can also be good for grilling but with the use of small fire to avoid dryness of the flesh. Job is also delicious when well spiced or marinated.


Tuna is idyllic for coconut curry, steak, chutney or even salad accompanied by tomatoes and lots of onions. Freshly caught the tender loins of tuna are perfect for sushi or sashimi and even carpaccio.