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The Seychellois and their fish.

With more than 800 known species of fish identified within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Seychelles, the ocean provides a sheer multitude of culinary promises. Taking into account the known varieties, the methods of fishing, the cultural aspects of the ocean, and the fish, seafood are the primary source of food for the Seychellois people. Large migratory fish such as tunas, barracudas and swordfish are also regulars to these waters. The Seychellois people feel honored by, and thankful to the ocean in regards to this, and so they spend energy and time devising authentic menus and sauces to add value to these products on a daily basis. Numerous techniques exist in preparing a fish. Methods include steaks, fillets, fish balls, stews, wholesome, smoked, salted, barbecued or oven grilled, smoked in banana leaves or over a wooden lit fire, chutney-like or sushi-like, curry, or as locally spiced up soup. The means of preparation are endless for the Seychellois, who hold the record of the highest per capita fish consumption worldwide; up to 60 kg per annum.