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Size of boat/Taille :  23 m.

Nber of fishermen/nbre de marins : 5.

Fishing trip/marée : Max 12 days.

This boat is a brand new boat arrived on the set since 2015. Magnificent boat built in Sri Lanka is the newest boat d`un group belonging to a family which is intimately linked that the history of fishing in Seychelles. Family Morin, mainly two brothers, Paul and Timothy who have their whole lives lived nearby and marine resources. Innovative and ingenious they were able to adapt their fleet depending on the resources, markets and were the first to understand and explore the Asian market. They worked on many d`espèces including sea cucumber, but they always kept a fish and fishery because of market changes today d`opportunités they turn more to fish. To order the Shortbill, they have the chance d`avoir a sailor, amazing part of the history of Seychelles Maritime: Mr. Fontaine Charlemagne. This man is exciting and it is easy to spend hours lets you hear her tell fishing stories. Charlemagne is one of the fishing pioneers, the first Seychellois who braved the elements to feed the Seychellois. Since 77 he is at sea. He explains qu`a l`époque, they were few, he n`existait few boats and navigation was sextant, compass and with the elements. Charlemagne comes d`une fishing family and worked with the best fishermen in Seychelles, some disappeared today and their stories with them. He remembers how they had the taste of l`aventure, they journeyed towards l`inconnu to find fishing spots, explore, test and discover ... an adventure. The fishery was obviously a hand without reel and they could put only 4 hooks because otherwise the lines were impossible to go for too heavy fish. Charlemagne expresses concern about fishing today. Of course, he talks about the pressure of fishermen but what worries the most is the illegal practices. He is very angry because he has the feeling of having to coexist with those who plunder the sea and against which they feel powerless. Of course he brings everything qu`il sees, he is the guardian of the resource, but the means of control are ridiculous and he does not see the situation s`améliorer. He also mentioned the presence of those who practice fishing as a game, with technologically advanced vessels and have d`autres sources of income (tourism) to finance their fishing effort. How to compete with that?

Charlemagne ordered Shortbill for a year, he is happy on this boat he appreciates comfort. He works with a crew that discovers, except for Tomy, colleague and lifelong friend. He's concerned about the youth who do not want to practice this profession and mentions that modern vessels is an important component for future fishermen. Himself, after 40 years at sea, says qu`une good shower in the late afternoon, it is a more significant and a hydraulic reel c is also a plus when we go back lines 250 m for Etelys. "We must combine sustainable fishing and modernity when we want to draw a new boat and think of the men who will live above, c is the secret."

Shortbill is a vessel fishing a little further than others and frequently her out of the tray, with journey times of up to 3 days.

When asked what was Charlemagne is the biggest fish that he has seen, his eyes start to glow, he said one day fishing that he has not forgotten an old Tukula d`au least 3m which followed a line that he went back. The fish has remained a bit to their side. An incredible time, order of the legend.