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Size of boat/Taille :  23 m.

Nber of fishermen/nbre de marins : 6.

Fishing trip/marée : Max 12 days.

It is impossible to talk about Ruby without mentioning Damo, his twin brothers, built, arrived and put into service simultaneously. Those long-liners entered the Seychelles fleet since the end of the year 2015. Modern and colorful, they were built in Sri Lanka and are among the last which arrived in the fleet belonging to a family whose history is intimately linked to the artisanal fishing in Seychelles. The Morin families, mainly two brothers, Paul and Timothy have lived all their lives strongly linked with marine resources, living to the rhythm of what the sea wanted to offer to them. Innovative and ingenious they were able to adapt their fleet depending on the resources, markets and were the first to understand and explored the Asian market. They worked on many species, including sea cucumber, but they always kept a fishery targeting the fish. Due to market changes and opportunities, they decided today to expand their fish fishery. To fish on the Damo, they have the chance to have a good team of sailors, a mixture of Seychellois and Sri Lankans seamen who share their skills and expertise. The boats are working very well since being put into service, bringing an average of 3 to 4 tons of tuna or swordfish always with an amazing quality.