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Night Eagle

Skipper : Daniel Hoffman.

Size of boat : 10 m.

Number of fishermen : 3 - 4.

Duration of fishing trip : max 8 days.

The Night Eagle, a boat made out of fiberglass and wood was built on La Digue, nineteen years ago. Mr. Hoffman, the owner for the last ten years comes from a family of sailors. Though he had not made fishing his career, buying this boat was a paved way for his return to the sea. His son, Daniel, is a Skipper/ fisherman on the Night Eagle he is an extremely experienced fisherman.

The boat, resembling a mini-yacht, is very well maintained and will serve many long and good fishing years. The storage capacity is 2.5 tones (average rarely exceeding 1.5 tones of fish). Fuel consumption for a trip is 200 liters and a maximum of fifteen hours is needed to reach the exact fishing spot. The instant some small wind is detected, the sails are positioned to save fuel and wind sails allows them a speed up to 9 knots.

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