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My Luck

Skipper : M. Charles Dubillon

Size of boat : 13 m.

Nber of fishermen : 4 to 6.

Fishing trip : 8 days max.

My Luck is a beautiful and long 13 m schooner built in 2004 by his owner/captain M. Dubillon, at Mahé - Chantier Souris, Providence. Charles has been a sailor since he was 14. He grew up on Silhouette Island, surrounded by the sea.

My Luck is his fourth boat, and the biggest one. He started with a small boat, and each time he decided to change it was for a bigger one. The length of My Luck is almost perfect for him. For 9 years now, Charles has been working with the same crew which includes his son. Fishing and the sea, for him, is “family business” everybody in his family has a job related to the sea (dive master, skipper…). Charles loves to be at sea and is strongly attached to his job. Charles underlines that challenges for the traditional fisheries sector are huge, most notably the management of marine resources. For him, only sustainable fishing with sustainable gears and techniques, should to be practiced to allow the resources to reproduce and sustain their biological levels. The biggest red snapper caught on My Luck was a 11 kg specimen, and his biggest catch ever was a 270 kg Marlin.

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