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Mon Zanmi

Skipper : M. Aloyse Ah-Kon

Size of boat : 11,58 m.

Nber of fishermen: 5 to 6.

Fishing trip : 8 to 9 days.

Mon Zanmi is a beautiful fiber glass and wood boat with shimmering colors. Built about fifteen years ago, it has belonged to Aloyse for 6 years. Aloyse has been working in fisheries for over 22 years. He "fell into it" from a very young age because he is part of a fishermen family from La Digue. He admits that fishing was not his initial choice for life, but he has no regrets and confesses that the passion of the sea became stronger over the years.

This boat is special since it is one of the few boats of Seychelles to host a woman on board. Passionate about the sea and the fishing, Lucie, Aloyse's wife, has decided to follow the crew at sea. She has always been invested in the business, and she has always loved it. In the past, she had made some short trips and decided to be part of the crew. Men appreciate this presence and say that each trip the improvements are incredible and that it does not require more time for Lucie to catch as many bourgeois as the others. Aloyse, big quiet man, succeeded in making Mon Zanmi a success for his career and family. The biggest catch for the boat is a Selfish weighing between 300 and 400 kg and the largest red snapper was no less than 14 kg.

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