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Mon Traka

Skipper : Mr. Alain Songoire.

Size of boat: 14m.

Nber of fishermen: 3 to 4

Fishing trip: 6 to 8 days.

The boat, ‘Mon Traka’ belongs to the Songoire family. It is the heritage of a man of strong personality and an extraordinary adventurer, Mr. Teddy Songoire. Mr. Songoire owns three fishing vessels and have been forever been involved in the fishing industry. He have ten children, which six of them are boys. Three of the boys became fishermen, but unfortunately one of them has left his life twelve years ago together with two colleagues. This was a heavy price, that this family have paid to the sea, but Mr. Alain Songoire the skipper, wise of his age of 30 expresses that it only makes him stronger. Mr. Allain Songoire have been a fisherman at a young age and became a skipper at the age of 19. He loves his job, the sea but he does not talk much of it but it is not difficult to see and understand that the ocean is his world, that the bond that unites him with the sea is the strongest of marriages. He describes that his biggest fish was a huge Grouper. Ity is impossible to say what was the size or weight, but he remembers that it was just huge. He talks about his moment of bond with the sea, especially the time he will be united with his brother who is out there, somewhere on the vast ocean. Alain is one of those men that are the essence of this project and which explains his existence as he is married man with sea and it is clear that he wants to preserve his union with the sea as long as he can live. Teddy, his father, is always on the harbor. He is a former fisherman and he needs to see the ships every day, feel the sea and to look out for his three other children which are the three fishing vessels. These men are a fine example of the coexistence of man bonding with the element of the sea. These men have been here for generations as they work to feed and nourish their adventurous souls and the people of the Seychelles together with the gifts which the ocean offer upon each trip.


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