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Mon Soutien

Skipper : M. Angelin Robert Pascal.



Size of boat: 15 m.

Nber of fishermen: 4.

Fishing trip: max 8 days.

This boatname which is “MON SOUTIEN” which gives the meaning “MY SUPPORT" as it is for David his owner. David works long into fishing industry but he focused more on the activity of fishing sea cucumbers exercised by divers. It is a choice that has imposed the opportunities of life, but his dream was to be the owner of a fishing boat in the background. He decided from there, four years ago to build himself the boat of his dreams and he installed a workshop in his garden. After 4 years of work, the boat was launched at the end 2015. “A dream come true” David expresses with proudness in his eyes. His younger son accompanies him on this new adventure and will maybe one day command the ship.

But the skipper, at present it is Mr. Angelin, an incredible man for the age of 59. He started a bit of fishing at an early age. Coming from a family of fishermen, he grew up on La Digue his beautiful island home. He explains that he was skipping school to go fishing on the rocks without her mom knowledge. One day, during his secret fishing trips, a hook got caught in his mouth while tying the hook. So her mother discovered his hidden activities while getting him at the hospital. Since then, his mother withdrew him from the school and since then he has done more than fishing as he gains experience at sea.

Angelin says that fishing is in his blood, he will go to sea as his health permits him because he's bored soon as it passes over two days sitting at home. Yet he faced storms, had a boat completely "screwed" by heavy swells near Bird Island and even a sunken ship because it was too full of fish and poorly rescued to 23 nautical miles from Mahé. Traumatic experiences which do not prevent to continue consuming his passionate marriage with the sea. Its biggest fish? A hammerhead almost 3 meters and it also tells seeing a HUGE turtle near the Cosmoledo island 20 years ago, around the legendary animal. Mr. Angelin is full of fishing stories and telling us his "biggest bourgeois" which is 14 kilos. He is worried about the resource, but remains convinced that it is still there and that the coexistence of artisanal fishermen with the resource never endangered because artisanal fishing is respectful, because small fishermen do not want to deplete the resource that guarantees their income and a balanced diet. This man of 59 years, on the sea for 45 years, knows whereof he speaks and he is one of those wise men one should listen to when we speak about about sustainability.


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