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Skipper : M. Justin Joubert

Size of boat : 17 m.

Number of fishermen : 6.

Fishing trip : 12 days max.

The boat is a small long liner built in 2011 in Sri Lanka. The boat leaves with 15 tons of ice and reaches the fishing ground within 12 to 24 hours. This boat is the property of Justin Joubert also Skipper, an experienced sailor. For Justin this boat it the “achievement’ of a dream, all is life he skipped boat of other people and now he can skip HIS boat.

Graduated from Seychelles Maritime School (fishing techniques and mechanics), he is a former officer in the merchant navy. He was also a sailing instructor and researcher on the Indian Ocean Explorer. His relationship with the sea was not always easy as he struggled to do this job suffering from seasickness. Even when he was on land he tried to go yachting or he embarked during his free time on fishing vessels, as a crew or a cook, to continue to learn to be a fisherman. But it is the passion for the sea that won through courage and dedication. Today he is the proud skipper of Milady. Passionate about biology and conservation, he practices his profession in a sustainable manner and is constantly observing the wonders that his job brings him. His biggest catches: a marlin of 420 kg and a 125 kg tuna specimen in another boat, but he is sure that he will have a record on Milady. The crew is a reliable crew; it has changed very little since the beginning. On average, the boat unloads 5.5 tons of fish per fishing trip, mainly big eye, yellow-fin tuna and swordfish that are lured by the baits (squid and mackerel).



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