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Name of skipper : Antoine Patrick Léon

Size of boat : 12 meters.

Number of fishermen : 3-4.

Duration of fishing trip : max 8 days.

Mawan is a boat painting with the colors of the sea, blue and white. Completelyrejuvenated in 2010, this boat is a Seychellois boat built on Mahe, fifteen years ago. It already had a long fishing carrier when Beatty bought it. He decided to go first for a rejuvenation in 2010. It was deserved and now it is impossible to say that Mawan had a first life, it seems new, young and equipped for long and prosperous years of fishing. It was baptized by its owner Mawan, the name of the fish decapterus. This choice is a tribute to the rich waters of Seychelles and its biodiversity. Whenever Beatty (owner) buys a boat he gives the name of a local fish. Beatty is a visionary who only talks about sustainable fisheries and future generations.The Skipper, Antoine is a 47 year man with a long fishing career. He began when he was a boy. Until the age of 25 he practiced trap fishery. He does not come from a fishermen family, he was simply attracted by the sea and the fishing very young and he qualifies the job as a "very good job." At sea, there are no problems, no hassle. His son (24 years) chosen also the sea, he is a deckhand on a long-line. Antoine loves the sea and fishing, it's as simple as that. Antoine has skippered many boats and he is very happy to go and skip Mawan because it is a practical boat for fishing and comfortable. His biggest fish, is a "vielle crab" of 60 kg, with which the fight was long and exciting.

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