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Skipper : Albert

Size of boat : 15,24 m.

Number of fishermen : 5.

Duration of fishing trip : 10 days max.

The Marliz is a superb boat made out of fiber glass and wood, built with love and passion by its owner, skipper/fishermen on board. With its huge, spread out sails, the boat is fascinating. When the occasion arises, the crew does not hesitate to deploy the sails to catch the blowing wind.

It took Albert, the owner, seven years to build the dream boat of his youth. A teacher with an arts degree from Germany, Albert has always dreamt about possessing his own boat and sailing the high seas. He built it in his own garden on Mahé and learned single handedly the art of construction. It has been four years since the boat was launched and has seen many successes. Albert is happy to be practicing a career that he loves, and is in permanent contact with the sea. His crew comprising mostly of friends, has been the same for the last four years. Their biggest snapper caught weighed about 12.5 kilos.

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