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Skipper : Marc Belmont

Size of boat : 9 m.

Number of fishermen : 3.

Duration of fishing trip : 5 days max.

The Machata is a boat built on Mahé. While the year of building is unknown, the owner, Mr Hoarau, who is from a family of sea men, bought it and rebuilt it entirely in 2005. This boat is made out of fiber glass and possesses a unique shape resembling a small long-liner. It is a schooner with a storage capacity of 2 tonnes (1 tonne of fish and one tonne of ice).

The skipper Marc Belmont has been in command since its re-launch and takes leave with two to three men for five day trips at a time. The Machata, a name chosen by its owner is typical fish found in the mythical , clear waters of Cosmoledo and Farqhuar atolls' fishing bands.

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