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La Flèche

Skipper : Ken Hoarau.

Size of boat : 12 m.

Number of fisherman : 3 - 4.

Duration of fishing trip : 8 days max.

La fleche is a typical traditional boat that is easily recognized on the port of Victoria. It was constructed in 2007, in Sri Lanka. It can be singled out from its structure, technology and the comfort on board. The skyper/owner, Ken Hoarau is a soulful wholehearted fisherman. He comes from a family of seamen and his son is also a skipper. The sea men are well known on the docks because of their harmonious nature which is the base of the team and proudly wears tee shirt bearing the name of the respective boats. Nevertheless, for this family a fishing trip is never ends with the boat’s touch of the quay. A few magnificent specimen of red snapper are carefully selected and, on Wednesday, Mrs Hoarau prepares them with a secret family recipe and they are then tenderly grilled in Bazaar Labrine (see pics bellow and recipe here), the pleasant beach market where tourists as well as locals blend and taste these famous fishes uniquely prepared.

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