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Skipper : Jean de Dieu Leonel

Size of boat : 10,76 m.

Nber of fishermen : 3.

Fishing trip : 6 days max.

The Félicité is a small but colorful boat well known on the sea port for the fishermen knowledge of excellent fishing spots and quality of fish they provide. This wooden and fiber glass boat was constructed a long time ago (more than 25 years!). The owner Mr. Antonio Constance trusts the skipper, Jean, entirely, who himself is an avid and passionate fisherman. On this boat the duration of a trip never exceeds six days and the fishing activity peeks it highest during daytime as well as night time. Félicité‘s catch (sometimes up to 1.5 tones) is as much as the bigger schooner gone for longer trips and with more fishermen on board. Félicité crew comprises of three fishermen and though sleeping space is limited it is a minor problem as the men rarely sleeps. If they do they have their fishing line in hand. The biggest fish caught by Jean, is a white blotched grouper weighing 32 kilos and the biggest emperor red snapper was not more than 16 kilos. Whant to know more about Jean? Watch him talk about his job.

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