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Skipper : Berty Hoareau.

Size of boat : 6 m.

Number of fishermen : 3.

Duration of fishing trip : 4 days max.

The Bellatrix is beautiful small boat constructed in 1998 on Praslin. The fishing trips are short due to the fishermen choice and also family life. The men on board are well acquainted and hasve been working together for the last 6 to 10 years. They practice an all together different type of fishing from the other fisherman. This method known as “boule” is a mixture of sand and small pieces of bait to lure the fishes to them.

The boat has a loading capacity of 1.8 tones. Though small, the Bellatrix brings in as much as the other bigger boats and ensures the survival of its crew as well as their families. They always have abundant fresh and quality supply of fish for all and their family. Berty, a boat owner/skipper, a man of the sea became a professional fisherman during the construction of the Bellatrix. Before he was skipper on board Island development company s boat bringing supplies to outer islands.


Thanks to the quality of Berty's fish, his vision and his commitment to sustainable fisheries, Berjaya Resort & Casino accept to support us and to become our partner. During the opening night (info here), Berthy graced us with a nice speech (on this page go to the news acrchives 2013-09-04 TV-8PM-Ne it starts around the 16.22 th minute .....) reminding us how important our commitment is. Great moments that make us proud!

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