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Anse Kerlan

Skipper : M. Jean Souffle, "Ty Boy".

Size of boat : 11,23 m.

Number of fishermen : 3.

Fishing trip : 5 to 6 days.

L'Anse Kerlan (the same name as an anse in Praslin) is not a boat like the other traditional boats. It is easily identifiable on the port. This Japanese-built ship indeed looks like a racing speedboat, and is one of the most assiduous fishing vessels. It arrived in 2002, straight from Kumisaki Oita in Japan.

Its owner, Franky is very proud of it. He chose a model from Japan because the country is at the forefront of technology, and because fish storage conditions and storage of ice are optimum. Franky, a contractor, is passionate about fishing. He bought his first boat for pleasure. He quickly realized that this small business is the lifeblood of many men and their families, but that it is also profitable. Fishing makes him forget the pressures of his life as an entrepreneur. So he bought a second boat, Anse Kerlan. This activity also allowed him to develop strong relationships with fishermen working onboard. The very strong bonds are also a source of pleasure and motivation for him. The skipper, Jean, also called Ti Boy, is a 72 years old man, strong, incredibly kind, thorough and diligent in his work. He has been a fisherman for over 13 years. Before, he used to work at sea on research vessels or tuna seiner. He enjoys the independence and freedom of being on an artisan-type boat. Rolly Tambara, (interviewed on this page) is also part of the crew, and it is very humbling to see his courage and love for his job, even after spending a year as a hostage of Somali pirates.

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