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Skipper : Elvis Hoarau

Length of boat : 23 m.

Number of fishermen : 7- 8.

Duration of fishing trip : 12 days max.

This fiber glassed long liner came of the Sri Lankan‘s shipping yard in 2001. Seychellois owned long liners are rare only five in its kind and enables the capture of magnificent tunas, sail fishes in most favorable and finest conditions. Team leader since the beginning, Elvis Hoarau co-owner, along with Beatty, his brother and the financial, and their respective wives. Elvis is a real man of the sea, gutsy and spirited. He started out very young with small odd jobs on board and today is a proud fisherman and skipper. For him nothing came easy. Going out and coming back empty handed is a hardship for him as it will only bear the cost of trip while barely anything is left for the workers. Albacore makes a trip of 24 hours to the destined fishing are a (around 150-300 miles from mahé) with 15 tones of ice, 8000 liters of fuel and 2 to 2.5 tones of bait.


Directly from the sea!

Some pics taken at sea by the Albacores crews to share with us their life at sea... Enjoy the big fish...

Pic 1 : A Huge swordfish, early morning. Pic 2 : A Tuna, fresh and perfect quality arrived alive on board. Pic 3 : The Boss.


Training for Sampling

September 25, part of the Albacore’s crew was trained to conduct a sampling program implemented in collaboration with the SFA (Seychelles Fishing Authority, Seychelles) and IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, France). It is important for the fishermen to participate in such campaign, and that professionals are involved in scientific procedures. Their knowledge of the resource and their environment is unique and irreplaceable because it is based on years spent at sea to observe and “co-habit” with resources. It is unthinkable that the acquisition of data does not integrate the knowledge they have acquired after spending so much time at sea. This way, the huge empirical knowledge of fishermen is made available for scientists who have the capacity to analyze and read scientifically those data to produce scientific results and recommendations.

Red alert for Albacore...

An incredible fishing trip for Albacore! Here are some  nice shots, combined with joy & proudness...


Scientists & crew unloading...

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