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To be a Hook and line Fisherman in Seychelles means adhering to a different lifestyle and accepts sometimes some hard working conditions. The size and shape of the boats have changed over time. Some boats have no place to live and recreation space is limited. However, some fishermen opted for modernity. They adjust their boat so that life on board is still enjoyable. Many Seychellois fishermen have very close links with their boat. They maintain real "love story" with them. Here, if a boat is too small, we do not sell it! It expands the width, length, or he adds accessories. Thus some boats follow the career of their owner - skipper. The number of years have is not easy to know for lot of boats because they are well maintained and have undergone numerous changes since their construction. The boat, over the years, expands, grows and goes regularly on the slip way on to have a complete «re-looking». May be it might be more profitable to sell the boat and buy another, but some consider the boat as their second home, their livelihood and for that they devote an unlimited respect. As the ship evolves and grows with its crew and at the end, looks like it.

Hand line fishing

2 Main types of boats are used for the hand-line fishing :

The schooners :

The schooners are planked and decked vessels of 9 to 13 m length, having inboard motors of 27 to 37 HP and intake capacity of 1 to 3 tones of ice. Each boat is classically manned by 4 to 9 fishermen. The duration of the fishing trips ranges from 4 to 10 days.

The Whalers :

The Whalers are traditional wooden boats, partially decked for some of them, solely equipped with an inboard engine. Since their appearance, changes have been made to their basic structure. For example, some are now fully decked and have an ice hold or a cabin.

Small Scale Long-Line fishing

Steel and fiberglass construction is common among the vessels. Long line vessels are constructed of steel, whilst some are of fiberglass. All have inboard engines ranging from 145 Hp to 500 Hp. The most recent are the long line vessels fishing for swordfish and tuna. The distance to reach the fishing areas can go up to 30 miles.

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