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Fishing zone

Hand-line fishing

Until the introduction of the schooner fishery in 1974, the fleet was largely restricted to near-shore fishing grounds on the Mahé Plateau. Even nowadays, the outlying coralline islands and atolls are only lightly exploited. The hand-line fishery takes place on the banks of the Mahé and Amirantes Plateaus. As the preferred species (Lutjanus sebae) is yielding less catch from those locations, fishing grounds have been moving further offshore. Nonetheless, fishing activities still remain more intensive on ad around the Mahé Plateau, and most of the catch is landed on the main island of Mahé.

Small-scale long-line fishing

Depending on the size of the boat, the fishing zone for long-line fishing extends across the entire EEZ of Seychelles. The boats can sail as far as 300 nautical miles from Mahé to reach the fishing grounds.