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Fishing techniques

The main type of fishing gear employed in Seychellois artisanal fishery is the hook-and-line, while bamboo traps (kazye), beach seines, droplines and longlines are seldom used techniques. Spear guns, shark gill nets and the use of trawl nets are prohibited in Seychelles, as they target endangered species.

Hand-line fishing :Small-scale long-line fishing :

Pallangrotte Carre-blanc Pallangre

Hook-and-line fishing

This is the typical method used by most Seychellois fishermen. Hand-line fishermen are sea men in a more traditional way, connected to their environment and resources, for which they have high regard and respect.


In this technique,the size of the “circle hook” allow for the catching of larger fish which have already reached sexual maturity. Additionally, it prevents the catching or causing harm to turtles or seabirds that may be tempted by the baits. Overall, hook-and-line fishing encourages a more responsible and sustainable approach to fishing. The method uses natural or artificial bait to lure the fish. The hooks, placed at the end of a line or snood, are hidden by the bait and the fish are caught upon swallowing the bait. Hooks or metallic points are also used to catch fish by nipping them as they swim into the range of movement. Hook-and-line can be used in single or multiple arrangements.