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A fish with remarquable taste is now available in Seychelles : l'Etelis. It is a deep fish that requires specific equipment to be captured at about 200 m deep. But the reward is worth the effort. As other deep fish, atelis is a must know for the palate with its delicate flavour. Test it. A few shots of this fabulous fish...


ISPC Seychelles, un partenaire haut de gamme...

Nous sommes très fiers de vous présenter notre nouveau partenaire, ISPC Seychelles, qui va distribuer et promouvoir les produits labelisés. Ce partenariat est important en termes de qualité et de la chaîne de traçabilité. L'identification "hook and Line fishermen" va suivre le poisson jusqu'à votre assiette et même si vous achetez un filet vous serez en mesure de savoir qui est le pêcheur "durable" qui a pêché votre poissons. Des produits élaborés à partir de nos poissons labelisés vous sont aussi proposés. Le développement durable est l'affaire de tous et nous sommes heureux que ISPC s'associe à notre démarche et phylosophie. 

Dubaï : success !

Our stand was a success, we had lots of visit, people were amazed to discover our fish and they just found the smoke fish "absolutly delicious". Lots of contact have been made and we, also, had the opportunity to discover what is done in the region. We are know more sure than ever that the Fishing sector in Seychelles is unique and that all precautions taken to preserve it are forward-looking and necessary. Here some more pictures of this rewarding and amazing experience...

We are in Dubaï Seafest

In order to promote our unique product and to share our approach, we are participating in the Middle East and Africa Exhibition in Dubai. If you are in Dubai do not hesitate to visit The Seychelles stand introducing the Seychelles fishing sector and promoting the high quality and unique products found in our country. The Seychelles fishing Authority presents all activities of the sector (industrial fishing, domestic fishing and artisanal fishing). A representative of a processing industry, Oceana Fisheries, is present to introduce their products and quality requirements. The FBOA (Fishing Boat Owners association) represents the domestic fishery and the local fishermen. We introduce our unique on-going programme for sustainability, traceability and quality. The delegation is very friendly and we are proud to offer to our visitors the chance to see our fresh fish and taste the smoked fish processed by our partner Oceana Fisheries.  Please visit us...

Partnership with Ephelia Constance Resort

Since the launching of our approach The Constance Ephelia Resort Seychelles follows our progress. After many exchanges and discussions we decided to materialize our common work by a partnership. We are particularly proud of this opportunity because Ephelia will enhance our fish at a high level. Stephan, the Chief cooks labelled tuna since a while and has already showed us his talents during a dinner "100% tuna” where Elvis and Beatty (Skipper and owner of the Albacore) enjoyed and discovered the gastronomic tuna and were amazed. Soon some restaurant of the resort will propose to their guest labelled fish, offering them the opportunity to enjoy first quality local fish caught in a remarkable environment with a sustainable technique. They will have the opportunity, via the website and information provided by the hotel, to discover the world of the fishermen of paradise.

Sampling at sea For Albacore's crew

The albacore crews returning to port, 2 weeks ago with the first set of sampling for the study driven by SFA in partnership with IRD and FBOA. It was a good test because they just had one training session before practicing. Elvis told us that he has to adapt and stop all activities for 15 minutes after the sampling each day to store it properly, but.... he managed. The scientists were amazed by the quality of the sample and delighted to have such matter to study. It is just the start of a common and global effort to obtain data, result and to increase our knowledge. Here you can find some pictures of the first sampling adventure and offloading, the first of a long series as the program should last one year.

Training Time for Albacore's crew

September 25, part of the Albacore’s crew was trained to conduct a sampling program implemented in collaboration with the SFA (Seychelles Fishing Authority, Seychelles) and IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, France). See the news here.

Diner at "La Plage" the place to be...

The FBOA Label Committee was proud and honored to present the program at a dinner on April 26 organised by the Minister Peter Sinon at the beautiful restaurant La Plage. At this dinner many representatives of the small scale and domestic fisheries were present. The dinner was an opportunity to allow people to meet and to demonstrate the high quality of the products from our domestic. Ms. Christelle Verheyden, Food Designer, offered us a menu that has sublimated the product of our fishing and highlighted the fact that quality allows unusual taste experiences.


The Minister gave us a valuable tribute through a simple and powerful speech. Minister Peter Sinon made note that he was first introduced to the Hook and Line project on an Air Seychelles flight coming to the country after being away from Seychelles for quite a while. He is thrilled about such a project and welcome such an idea, especially nowadays that people are very concerned about what they are eating. Minister Sinon emphasized that people all over the world are increasingly becoming health conscious and so traceability of one's food has become an important consideration. He gladly noted that the FBOA's Label Programme provided a newl traceability as it allows for a person purchasing any of the labeled fish from any supermarket in Europe to find out where that particular fish was caught and by which vessel. He showed us his enthusiasm which is an encouragement to us and an important recognition. We would like to thank the Minister of Natural Resources and Industry for his support.


Among the guests present were, in addition to the Minister of Natural Resources and Industry and his Principal Secretary, Mr. Michael Nalletamby, Mr. Phillipe Michaud, Chairman of the Seychelles Fishing Authority (partner since the begining) and his Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Finley Racombo. Also present were members from private sectors notably some managers of various hotels across the country and our two partner Sea Harvest and Oceana Fisheries Company Limited and Representatives of the Seychelles Fishing Authority and from the Seychelles Bureau of Standards and some of our FBOA members were also present.


We want to adress a special thanks to Mr Fourcroy for this opportunity and his team from ISPC and La Plage, Ms. Verheyden for the quality of the dinner and all the guests who graced us with their presence.


Find below the menu and some pictures.

A few shots from dinner at "La Plage"


We are on tv!

The "launching dinner" of the partnership between FBOA and Berjaia Beau Vallon Bay was on the news Wednesday, September 4... Take a look to the news 2013-09-04 TV-8PM-Ne to the newsww acrchive 2013-09-04 TV-8PM-Ne it starts around the 16.22th minute...

Partneship with Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino

The Partnership with the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino became « official » Saturday the 24 of august. The Berjaya organised a very nice dinner (where only labelled fish were served, obviously) to formalize the event in the presence of Minister for Investment, Natural Resources and Industry Peter Sinon and Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports Vincent Meriton. The certificate was given to the restaurant/pizzeria manager Amina Duprés by one of our founding members M. Berthy Hoareau. The Manager of the Hotel, M. Ken Choo gave a nice speech together with Minister Sinon(our best support), Minister Meriton and Berthy Hoareau. The speech of the manager was important because it resume the importance of our commitment and the positive message we can bring with respecting the sustainability and raising the standards. Bellow, you can read some parts of the speech.


“...Berjaya Resort & Casino is glad to associate ourselves with the Seychelles Hook & Line Fisherman simply because the Fisherman is doing "The Right Thing". Berjaya respects the discipline of the Seychelles Hook and Line Fishermen for catching fish in a sustainable way by hook and line as such retaining the highest quality … The Seychelles Fishermen's commitment speaks for itself and as such they have the support and respect not only from the Government of Seychelles but also from the Tourism Industry. Berjaya shall now have the opportunity promote "PREMIUM QUALITY" label fish which is a unique product of Seychelles to our international guests... I hope that tonight promotional event at Berjaya Resort & Casino will encourage many other fisherman to register as Seychelles Hook & Line Fishermen and adopts this healthy practice of sustainable fishing. At the moment, the demand for label fish is more than the supply of label fish. This is a good sign as there are more business opportunity for young and upcoming Seychellois fishermen to take this opportunity to fulfil the market demand for high quality & high yield labelled fish…”.


We really want to Thank Mr. Choo for its dynamism and its involvement in our favor and his team of professionals who put all their energy to promote our approach.

Note : Seychellois Pizzeria Restaurant Manager, Ms. Amina Dupre was presented "The Certificate of Partnership" from Berthy Hoareau (One of the founding members of FBOA and Label Program) in the presence of President Court of Appeal, Mr. Mc Gregor, Designated Ministry Vincent Meriton, Minister Peter Sinon and General Manager of Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, Mr. Ken Choo.

They talk about our Papertoys...

To promote our approach we worked with an incredible artist, a papertoy designer to create some "sustainable" toys (fish doesn't like plastic). Those creation are amazing and we are pleased to offer these small fish "to the world", hoping they will help us convey our values ??and defend the future of our resources... Have a look at : http://www.paper-toy.fr/2013/08/18/seychelles-hook and http://www.tougui.fr/739/non-classe/seychelles-hook-and-line-fishermen-papertoy-workshop.

Sens us your pics at : fboa.labelproject(at)sfa(dot)sc

"Together for a sustainable and responsible fishery - Ansanm pou en lapez dirab e responsab - Ensemble pour une pêche durable et responsable"

Some nice shots

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