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Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest

Fishing Port Victoria Mahé Seychelles
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Website : http://seaharvest.co
Email : info(at)seaharvest(dot)sc

Sea harvest Ltd is a private company in the Seychelles engaged in the production, processing and marketing of fish and fishery products. We are specialist exporters of prime seafood products from the Seychelles to the major European, Asian and Middle East markets. Our products are processed at our own processing facility at the Fishing Port in Victoria.


Our company maintains the highest standards of food safety and hygienic procedures that is carried out through very strict HACCP principle and guidelines from harvesting to the finish product.


We have an extensive range of seafood products, which includes fresh yellow fin and big eye tuna (sashimi grade), marlin, sailfish, swordfish as well as all species of tropical reef fish. Our 30 member staffs are the most qualified in our country with long experience in the fishing industry.