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La FBOA, Association des propriétaires de bateau de pêche


La FBOA est une association non - gouvernementale enregistrée qui travaille dans le domaine de la pêche artisanale et domestique (petite échelle). Nos membres sont des propriétaires de bateaux et des pêcheurs opérants dans ce secteur aux Seychelles. L'association est l'une des plus anciennes organisations représentant et préservant les intérêts des pêcheurs artisans et à petite échelle.


  • Représenter, protéger et promouvoir les droits, les intérêts et le bien-être de tous ses membres (...).
  • To support, associate or affiliate with other organisations, local, regional or international.
  • To provide social, moral education and general development education for its members.
  • To organise, promote and develop industrial relations awareness (...).
  • To liaise with the government bodies in the management of the marine and fish resources in Seychelles (...).
  • To intervene and request assistance for boat owners or members of their family in times of need and despair (...).


  • The sustainable development of our fisheries through responsible management of our resources.
  • The promotion of our profession and its know-how.
  • Helping the development of our sector through the optimisation of benefits and raise standards within the fishing sector.
  • Promote quality training for our young fishermen, seamen, and skippers.
  • Ensure benefits, job and fish stocks for future generations.


We are located at the Fishing Port, Victoria, Mahé.


We work in close collaboration with the fisheries public institution: Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA). We also collaborate with other bodies such as SBS, Environment, private sectors, NGO's and International organisations. We have an Executive Committee which comprises of a Chairman, Treasurer, a Secretary and five Executive Members.


  • Label Project Phases I & II: the aim is to promote sustainable fishing, add value to the harvest and create a direct link with the consumers. This initiative is designed to add value to the quality of our work, our harvest, and our resources, thus enabling our fishermen to obtain a better return with the same fishing effort.
  • Ongoing work to present projects aimed at improving the sustainability of traditional domestic fishing.
  • Ongoing work on security aspect for fishermen related to piracy.
  • participation of FBOA in ongoing processes for management plan, fisheries policy etc.
  • Daily support to all fishermen and boat owners.

The Team

Joe Dingwall: President

Joe is the President of the association. He is on the Executive Committee to listen, compile

and address concerns of boat owners / fishermen of the traditional and industrial fisheries.

Ramsamy Pillay : Executive Member of the FBOA

Also member of the Sea Cucumber Association and boat owner, M. Pilay is one of the

founding members of the FBOA.

Berty Hoarau : Executive member

Berty is the elected Treasurer of the FBOA and also a boat owner and a fishermen. He is the owner, fisherman of Bellatrix. He has been a close assiociate of the organisation since its beginning.

Albert Ah Weng : Executive member

A teacher with an art degree from Germany, Albert is also a boat owner, a skipper and a fisherman. He is really involved in the artisanal fishing sector and believe that sailing and fishing is a way of life.

Keven Constance: Executive member

Other participants

Albert Napier : Honorary Member

Mr. Albert Napier is a founding member of the Seychelles Fishing Boat Owners Association and an Honourable member of the Executive Committee. He is also the National Director of the Seychelles Apostleship of the Sea an International Catholic Organization for seafarers (fishermen/seamen).

Bertille Bonne : Office Secretary

Bertille is the Secretary of the Association since April 2011. Her duties and responsibilities are:

• to organize meetings of the FBOA and its various sub-Committees

• to be responsible for the day to day functioning of the FBOA

• developing and overseeing the implementation of a public outreach and awareness plan

• To liaise with the members of the FBOA and any relation duties...


and all members...

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